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Sleep Starter Patch

Sleep Starter Patch
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Product Description

  • May Help You Fall Asleep Faster and Easier
  • Combats Insomnia with a Natural Solution
  • Non-Habit Forming & Drug-Free
  • Improves Sleep Quality, Wake Up Revitalized
  • May Diminish the Symptoms of Jet Lag
  • Effective Absorption Over Pills & Liquids
  • Safe, Easy and Convenient to Use

The Sleep Starter Topical Patch provides a unique combination of melatonin, the body’s natural sleep hormone and a special blend of calming herbal remedies. For decades, alternative physicians have been promoting Melatonin as an answer to the common problem of insomnia and sleepless nights. A natural organic compound, Melatonin is known for helping the body achieve a normal and restful sleep. Without melatonin, the body’s natural ability to promote fast, safe and deep sleep is greatly lessened. As a result, PatchMD promotes the use of Melatonin as a natural and non-addictive sleep aide.

When applied as a supplement through the Sleep Starter Topical Patch, Melatonin can promote a good night’s sleep without the addictive threat of prescription drugs. By combining Melatonin with our Topical Patch delivery system, PatchMD provides the natural benefits without the burden of pills and liquids. Through the process of real absorption, Melatonin is allowed to take full effect and to continue work all night long as needed.

The Sleep Starter Topical Patch is a safe, effective and inexpensive alternative to dangerous, habit-forming drugs. Please try the Sleep Starter Melatonin Topical Patch today and discover this natural source of peaceful and reliable sleep for yourself. After all, what do you have to lose except those long nights of tossing and turning in bed? Your access to a good night’s sleep is only one step away.


Supplement Facts / Ingredients

Each patch contains: St. John's wort 300 mg, dried extract (stem, leaves, flower) Diathones measured as: Hypercin 0.3%, Melatonin 3 mg.

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