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Hangover Prevention Patch

Hangover Prevention Patch
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Product Description

  • May Help Prevent Hangovers Before They Start
  • Natural Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs
  • Apply One Hour Before Consuming Alcohol
  • NO Pills to Swallow, NO Ineffective Tonics
  • Safe, Easy and Convenient to Use

The Hangover Prevention Topical Patch contains a unique balance of herbs, vitamins and minerals that naturally help your body process alcohol and help prevent hangovers. The Hangover Prevention Topical Patch addresses a host of physical issues that should be addressed when you drink alcohol and that lead to a hangover. Replacing key elements depleted in your body, the Hangover Prevention Topical patch helps to maintain the natural balance of your physical well-being.

When applied as a supplement through the Hangover Prevention Topical Patch, our special blend of herbs and vitamins helps to restore the body to your natural state of well being. In addition, a single patch lasts for 24 hours, providing your body with consistent and reliable relief. By applying the patch an hour before a party or an event, you can ensure your enjoyment with the resulting pain of the following day.

The Hangover Prevention Topical Patch is a safe, effective and inexpensive alternative to the vast majority of Hangover Prevention aides and methodologies. Please try the Hangover Prevention Topical Patch today and discover this natural way to enjoy drinking without the repercussions for yourself. Your access to freedom from future hangovers is only one step away.

The Hangover Prevention Patch™ is intended for adult use only and will not prevent intoxication. Always drink responsibly and never drink and drive.


Supplement Facts / Ingredients

Each patch contains: Vitamin C 3mg*, Lycopene 5mg*, NAC 3mg*, B1 4mg*, Prickly Pear 3mg*, B5 1mg*, B3 2mg*, Magnesium 3mg*, Taurine 3mg*, Lipoic Acid 3mg*, Milk Thistle 5mg*

* Potency

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