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Anti-Aging Patch

Anti-Aging Patch
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Product Description

  • Contains Over 150 Grams of Polyphenols
  • Employs Resveratrol, the Secret of Red Wine
  • May Be A Powerful Antioxidant
  • Active Ingredients Touted on 60 Minutes & CNN
  • The Balance of a 12-24 Hour Timed Release
  • NO Pills to Take, NO Liquids to Drink
  • Safe, Easy and Convenient to Use

The Anti-Aging Topical Patch contains what has been called the wonder ingredient of Red Wine on 60 Minutes & CNN -- Resveratrol. Found naturally in low doses in grapes, peanuts, and other edible plants, Resveratrol is a health supplement that has been show to reduce cell damage caused by free radicals. Research has uncovered a diverse range of activities that could make resveratrol into one of the most useful agents ever discovered for human health problems.

When applied as a supplement through the Anti-Aging Resveratrol Topical Patch, Resveratrol lowers blood sugar levels and bolsters the immune system. Its antioxidant nature protects the body's cells, as well as its nervous and cardiovascular systems. It's also extremely beneficial to those of us who are completely healthy- it boosts the metabolism, which may aid in weight loss.

PatchMD has taken resveratrol (an antioxidant found in red wine and grapes thought to help keep the heart healthy and to be a fat fighter according to recent research) and combined it with our cutting edge delivery system to create a topical patch that can help you live a longer and healthier life. With over 150 grams of Polyphenols in each patch, we deliver the effective dose that is needed for long-term results.

In addition, to Resveratrol, the Anti-Aging Topical Patch also contains CoQ10Acai, and Vitamin C. CoQ10 (or Coenzyme Q10) is a natural enzyme that we make in our bodies that's involved with producing the energy utilized by the body's cells. CoQ10 is vital to every system of the body, helping to promote heart health, lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular system, prevent migraine headaches, and prolong lifespan. Sometimes called the "nutrient for the heart", Acai is a "superfood" that is native to Central and South America that helps to boost metabolism, improve blood circulation, reduce cholesterol level, and boost mental clarity. Vitamin C is widely recognized antioxidant that protects the body against oxidative stress. Numerous studies have shown that Vitamin C can help with immune system, allergies, smokers and lung disease, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, hypertension, chronic inflammatory disease, and diabetes.

The Anti-Aging Resveratrol Topical Patch is a safe, effective and inexpensive alternative to an endless array of pills and oral supplements. Your access to the new wonder supplement of modern health management is only one step away.


Supplement Facts / Ingredients

Each patch contains: Red wine extract 30% polyphenols, 60 mg Japanese knotweed 50%, Resveratrol 750 mg, CoQ10 1000 mg, Acai 400 mg, Vitamin C 1000 mg, Grape seed extract 95% polyphenols 95 mg.

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